SET UPS from £50*

Whats involved in a set up? From brand new purchases to vintage workhorses, there are many factors to consider when setting up your guitar. Some guitars require more indepth work than others and upon the inspection, quoted prices will reflect the amount of work to be carried out. But here is a breakdown of the basic steps involved to optimise your guitar's performance.

Remove old strings
Cleaning of fretboard, body + hardware
Frets polished to mirror finish
New strings fitted (gauge + brand of your choice)
Truss rod adjustment. Nut action adjustments, Bridge action adjustments. Intonation optimised with Strobe tuner
Electronics inspected and cleaned where applicable
Pickup height adjustment for optimum audio balance
Of course this is just one procedure in professional guitar maintainance, therefore each instrument will be inspected and accurate advice given, judged on their own merits.

*Prices are a guideline and each instrument will be costed accordingly